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In the past years, Sinowise was grown up and established itself a prominent company as a trading and distributing company of IT products, electronics products, computer peripheral and other high-tech products in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas market. Sinowise has achieved the success in the related areas, amassed experiences, and established the extensive customer base. Sinowise has deeply realized that no company can succeed without partner. Just being in the partner¡¯s faith, Sinowise has made great efforts to set up, to develop and to maintenance this kind of partnership with the business partners. Today, it is necessity result of company growth for Sinowise to be expansion and transformation in business scope. Sinowise is different from other specialty business company with unique competitive advantages. The new goal of Sinowise is to share our advantages and to make advancement and growth with our partners.

  • With more than 10 years experience of product purchasing, trading and distributing between Hong Kong and Mainland China, Sinowise has amassed abundant of experience and resources in international marketing, business management, trade finance and logistics and supply chain management.

  • With more than 10 years development, Sinowise has greatly understood mainland China and international trading environment, ordinances and regulations. Especially, our management group has established strong friendly and trustful relationship with mainland government, state-owned and private enterprises.

  • With more than 10 years market development, our marketing group has built up an excellence friendship and business partnership with our overseas customers. Our marketing group can communicate with our overseas customers in multi languages, such as English, Spanish German and etc. Meanwhile, we can also fully understand the different cultural background of different customers.

  • By the long-term co-operation with enterprises and manufactory in Hong Kong and mainland China, Sinowise has accumulated more related experiences and effective ways to built up a tightness partnership speedily with manufactory in mainland China by combining the management culture and human resource background between Hong Kong and mainland China.

  • By the business between Hong Kong and Mainland China, Sinowise has built up long term business co-operation with some major overseas multi-nation companies, manufactures in mainland China, and the investment and financial institutes in Hong Kong and mainland China.

  • With latter years of business development in a specialty service area, Sinowise has explored unique specialization business service model and working flow. Sinowise is providing one-stop and value-added service for our customers by integrating specialty business services such as commerce, business law, finance and management services. This kind of value added professional service helps our customers to focus more in their core business.


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