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One stop sourcing service let our customers commission us to source the special product according each customer¡¯s unique needs so that the customers can focus on their core business, reduce the operation cost, avoid the hidden cost and unnecessary risk. Sinowise will integrate all of the resources and advantages, more effectively sourcing and purchasing work flow, and professional project management and supply chain management to deliver the excellent service to our customers. Sinowise aims at maximizing the customer¡¯s benefit all the time. Also, Sinowise believe that our customer¡¯s benefit is the primacy of target Sinowise should obtain.

Consulting Service: According to our customer¡¯s unique requirement for product or business, Sinowise can provide the customer with the professional services, such as manufactory background and credit investigation, R&D situation research report of specified product, local law and regulation consulting involved in supply chain management, and the proposal of the best solution for the supply chain of special need.

Supplier Evaluation: As mainland China economy is developing, more and more SMEs (small and middle size enterprises) are entering into international market. Many overseas customers have no efficient way to select or find the suitable, potential manufactories with the best experience for production and the best credit background with which they expect to build up a long term business partnerships. With the determination and quest for excellence and evolvement over 10 years in the purchasing and trading business relationship with manufactories in Mainland China, Sinowise can help this kind of customer to make the right decision through top to bottom method, which employs the process by industry, by place, by product and by manufactory .

Product Sourcing: According to customer¡¯s unique requirement for the product, Sinowise will conduct the crucial product selection process and present the customer with the product sourcing proposal including purchasing lead-time, place, evaluation result, factory background, and etc.

Commerce Negotiation: as the agent of the customer, Sinowise will negotiate with the selected manufactories or suppliers in products design and engineering, function, technical specification, quality control, production schedule, shipment, payment terms, and etc. Thereafter, the customer can sign the contact directly or authorize Sinowise to sign the contact with the manufactories or suppliers.

Production and Quality Control: according to the customer¡¯s requirement or by the training of the customer, Sinowise will follow up the purchasing process to ensure the order can be finished on schedule, catering for the customer¡¯s quality and quantity requirement.

Logistics Management: through more than 10 years experience in purchasing and distribution business, Sinowise has accumulated abundant of experience and knowledge of logistics management and has established tightness co-operation with many professional logistics companies. Logistics management has taken an important role in our one-stop sourcing service.

Project Management: since almost business will involve the above complicated factors or issues, Sinowise will treat each dealing as a project, and appreciated to provide this kind of service for our customers with the professional project management service.

By using our one-stop sourcing service, customers can enjoy much more benefits, such as:

  • Being more focused on the core issues of purchasing process, such as purchasing policy, product price, market information, and etc.
  • Being more cost effective including saving time and man power, reducing internal operating cost, avoiding hidden cost and risk by outsourcing the non-core business to Sinowise.
  • Sharing the experience, information, knowledge and connection accumulated for a long time by Sinowise and increasing the operation efficiency to meet internal purchasing requirement quickly and correctly.
  • Gaining much more value-added services, and increasing more value of the supply chain.


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