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By the one-stop sourcing service for overseas customers, Sinowise has built-up the close relationship and the best partnership with many manufactories and enterprises in mainland China and has a solid trust and best credit with them. Integrating the accumulated experiences and related information, Sinowise provide the following service to these trusting manufactories and enterprises:

Consulting service: according to customer¡¯s requirement of overseas market development, commerce negotiation, trading financing, and logistics arrangement, Sinowise will make the completive suggestion for the customers and assist them to implement it afterwards.

Seeking Buyer: according the product type and characteristic, Sinowise will recommend the specific existing overseas buyers to the manufactories or enterprises. Because of the trust and best credit of these buyers,  Sinowise can speed up the period of relationship building up between buyers and manufactories or enterprises therefore both of the parties can save much more time and catch up every business opportunity.

Product Design: with abundant experiences and knowledge of market analysis, products development including technical specification, function and outlook and packing design, Sinowise can make creative and effective suggestions for our customers including both of buyers and manufactories.

Trade financing: based in Hong Kong, Sinowise has built up the tightness and trusted co-operation with some major banks and financial institutions in Hong Kong and mainland China and earned the best rating and financial facilities. Therefore, Sinowise can provide the necessary financial supports and best quality services for the manufactories or enterprises in mainland China, such as trade finance and exportation insurance.

One-stop exporting service: manufactories in mainland China can outsource all of above business to Sinowise so that they can be more focused on technology R&D, product development and production management.

By using our one-stop marketing development service, manufactories or enterprises in mainland China can enjoy much more benefits as follows:

  • Being more initiative, proactive and strategic foresight.

  • Being more focused on R&D, production management.

  • Understanding customer¡¯s requirement speedily and accurately.
  • Increasing the potential of exporting business by using internal resources effectively.
  • Shortening the distance of the culture between with the overseas buyers.
  • Increasing own professional level and the ability of retaining the high value customers.
  • Increasing the long term competitive edges of the manufactories or enterprise.


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